Need a Guide to Navigate Healthcare User Experience?



Not aligned on who the users are and what they need? Empathy Mapping, as part of our discovery process, will align our teams toward user-centric solutions.


Having trouble making a mobile experience meaningful? Mobile UX design and prototyping will solve the problem.


Don’t understand the paths users take? Missing edge cases? We’ll dive deep with your team.


Want to create value? Want happy users? Well organized, user-focused management consoles, portals, and dashboards save sanity as well as minutes x users x departments x companies to produce millions in ROI.


Not sure where to begin? We’ll pick the right starting point for you. Just ask. Our team has been solving for health-related experiences for over two decades.


Not sure how to organize your product’s features, workflows, user types? Are users getting lost? Need to build consensus in your organization? We solve that with clean, organized, diagrams, prototypes and presentations that get to the why of the solution not just the what.


Are patients getting lost in your app? Are there inefficiencies in managing care? We help you identify the breakdowns and provide recommendations to streamline the experience.


Are you settling for the same way healthcare has always been done? Do you want a fresh perspective on EMR, PHR, ICD-10, Care Reminders and more? Let’s talk.

Need A Team of Experts By Your Side?

“Drawbackwards gave us a fresh perspective, assisting us in re-organizing our product offering around the things payers needed to get done”

“They radically simplified our user interface. While 200 tasks are possible, 7 tasks are used every day by the majority of our population.”

“We’re at 10x revenue since we started working with Drawbackwards.”

“Drawbackwards is my trusted partner, we had a mobile MVP in 60 days that would not have been possible without them.”

“They understand the necessary trade-offs in software product design and development, they reduced development team stress by understanding how to design for what we could build.”

“No problem was too scary for them, it’s as if they grow stronger and deliver more value as the challenges surface.”

Who We’ve Worked With

We’ll Start You Down The Right Path

New Product?

We can help you UNCOVER and VALIDATE new product and service offerings. We can help you EVALUATE and IMPROVE existing offerings.

Improving Products & Services?

We walk you through the design thinking that helps you and your team EMPATHIZE with and NURTURE your users. You learn to MEET THEM WHERE THEY ARE AT and MAKE IT EASY for them to progress.

How We Can Help


  • Journey mapping
  • Collaborative sketching
  • User Stories
  • Aligning Stakeholders


  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Visual Design
  • Collaboration with in-house design


  • Audits
  • Usability Testing
  • Feedback Interviews
  • Coordination with product and marketing teams


  • Angular/Ruby/PHP/Laravel
  • Seamless handoff to your dev team

Understanding a user’s journey and carefully weaving them into successful transactions, actionable care objectives or receiving the right information changes the way customers, teams and patients experience your service and product. We change the priority, the way they think, and the conversation. All of this improves the healthcare experience.

Decades of Design Success

Health UX is an initiative of Drawbackwards, a UX firm with decades of experience in transactional, mobile, consumer, back office, and healthcare specific user experience design. We partner with product managers, in-house designers, healthcare administrators and software developers to create meaningful healthcare outcomes.

Not Sure Where To Begin?

Whether it’s the start of a NEW patient portal or improving an EXISTING dashboard, we’ll help you through the design proccess. Let’s pick the right starting point TOGETHER.

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